15 Oct 2008

American Samoa Visitors Bureau still without a functioning board

11:16 am on 15 October 2008

The American Samoa Visitor's Bureau cannot function because the board of directors that will oversee it does not have a quorum.

Only three directors of a seven member board were approved by the Fono during the last session of the year.

The earliest more nominees can be confirmed is January next year at the sitting of a new Legislature.

The governor submitted the names of 5 directors for confirmation.

The ones who were rejected by the House were the President of the Pago Pago Visitor's Association Tom Drabble and Superintendent of the National Park of American Samoa, Roger Modor.

Mr Modor is leaving the island soon at the end of his contract and asked that someone else take his place.

The reasons behind the House rejection of Mr. Drabble are not clear.

A veteran lawmaker, who said he voted for Mr Drabble, says the vote against him had nothing to do with his qualifications.

He says other factors came into play and lawmakers with business affiliations were the ones that voted against Mr Drabble's nomination.