14 Oct 2008

Questioning of NZ policeman in Fiji absurd, says Clark

8:43 pm on 14 October 2008

The New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark says the questioning of a Fiji-based New Zealand policeman is absurd.

She says she was briefed this morning, and it appears the Fiji police took the policeman in for questioning after he took a photo of the National Day parade from his apartment window.

The officer is based at the New Zealand High Commission in Suva.

Miss Clark says high commission staff are very careful how they behave, and she's satisfied there's nothing more to it.

But she says there's obviously still a lot of tension in Fiji.

"I think it's indicative of the general state of insecurity of the regime in Fiji. Nothing's worked out the way the Commodore told the people it would when he mounted the coup, and he lashes out, from time to time, at other people."

Helen Clark says any further action against the New Zealand officer by Fiji police would be completely out of order.