20 Oct 2008

American Samoa election results for Swains island due on Friday

2:32 pm on 20 October 2008

The first results of the 2008 general election in American Samoa are expected at the end of this week.

Residents of Swains island will on Friday the 24th elect their delegate to the local House of Representatives during an open meeting.

The atoll is currently been represented by Alexander Jennings.

During the meeting, names of individuals wanting to run for office are nominated by verbally submitting the person's name for consideration.

A Swain islander plays the role of moderator for the process, which is considered a selection, not an election.

Those supporting a candidate raise their hands - or stand up as in past cases - for the vote count as there are no official ballots.

Under local law, the Swains Island delegate can sit and vote in committee, but cannot vote on the floor, a similar situation to that of American Samoa's Delegate to the US House of Representatives.