24 Oct 2008

American Samoa hosts international tattooing festival

3:20 pm on 24 October 2008

Tisa's Tattoo Festival, an international event celebrating the Samoan Tatau, will be held in Alega on Tutuila in American Samoa this weekend.

The host Tisa Fa'amuli says this year's event has attracted tatto exponents from Hawaii, Tonga, Samoa and New Zealand, who she says are searching to reconnect with their Samoan heritage.

She says education is a key part of the festival.

"We do workshops so that we can educate the young people about the values of the tattoo and what it means to the community and the culture. And then that means that all the tattoo artists will then come and see the exhibition and display their work and actually do tattoos right here."

Tisa Fa'amuli says there will be extensive web coverage of the event.