27 Oct 2008

Fiji Women's Rights Movement criticise all-male political meeting

10:44 am on 27 October 2008

Women's organisations in Fiji have expressed concerns that women will not be represented at today's political meeting organised by the interim administration.

Civil society and women's organisation were not invited by the interim prime minister Commodore Frank Bainiamrama.

Fem'LinkPacific coordinator Sharon Bhagwan-Rolls says equitable participation of women would ensure true conflict transformation and sustainable peace.

Fiji Women's Rights Movement executive director, Virisila Buadromo, said it was a great disappointment particularly when one could see that there was no representation of women at all in the 16 political parties that have been invited.

"We think it is important that women's voices and experiences need to be included in this process even in terms of the drafting of the terms of reference. We believe this because the terms of reference is going to spell out how this you know what are going to be the boundaries of discussions, who are going to be involved in these discussions and so forth so it is important to be involved from in the process from drafting all the way right through to the discussion itself."

The meeting will be held at the Parliamentary complex in Suva.

It will be chaired by the meeting convenor, Commodore Bainimarama.