29 Oct 2008

Solomons opposition leader condemns government moves on Iran

11:15 am on 29 October 2008

The Solomon Islands government has come under fire over its moves to strengthen bilateral ties with Iran, a country branded by the United States as a member of the axis of evil.

The moves by the government to improve bilateral ties with Iran were revealed by Member of Parliament Peter Boyers during the Foreign Relations Review of RAMSI.

The opposition leader, Manasseh Sogavare, condemned moves by the government and the foreign minister to establish diplomatic ties with Iran.

"I'm shocked that a government that boasts itself to believe in the principles that other members of the international community believe in democracy, good governance, antiterrorism , fight against terrorism can entertain a country that works against every principles that all right thinking governments of the world believe."

The Solomon Islands opposition leader, Manasseh Sogavare.