29 Oct 2008

Samoa victim suppprt group chides police over sex abuse case

5:11 pm on 29 October 2008

The Samoa Victim Support Group has accused the police of misleading the public over the alleged sexual abuse of a teenager at a detention centre.

An 18-year old young offender has alleged a senior police officer forced him into an unwanted sexual relationship in 2006 at the Olomanu Juvenile Detention Center.

The Victim Support Group says it sent a letter about the allegations to the assistant police commissioner, Papalii Li'o, four months ago and not last month as claimed by Papalii.

The letter urged the police to act on the complaint by the teenager.

The group says this came after police had ignored the teenager's complaints.

After the allegations became public this week, an assistant police commissioner has been asked to look into the case.

The police commissioner, Papalii Lorenese Neru, has indicated he will decide on what action should be taken against the officer.

Earlier, the assistant commissioner said an investigation by the professional standards unit on the matter has been completed and is now before the police commissioner for a decision.