30 Oct 2008

Pacific goverments urged to cater for young people

5:32 pm on 30 October 2008

The World Bank has warned Pacific governments that they need to do more to cater for their young people.

The Bank has launched a new report in Vanuatu called Giving South Pacific Youth a Voice, which reflects the concerns and hopes of youth across six countries in the region.

Nigel Roberts is the Sydney based Pacific Director of the World Bank.

"A couple of things, when you read this, are very striking for someone like me who is coming from outside. The first thing I notice in here is how frightened young people are about being left out by older people in their society - what we say is marginalised, not consulted, not given a chance to give their opinion and also scared about their future."

Nigel Roberts.

The report makes recommendations about what governments should do.

This includes creating a culture of youth participation, involving them fully in the economy and making health and social services more available to them.