3 Nov 2008

American Samoa Governor says he's earned another four years

2:42 pm on 3 November 2008

American Samoa's incumbent governor has used a televised address to ask for 4 more years in power.

Campaign fervor is reaching a climax in American Samoa, with around 17 thousand registered voters due to go to the polls on November 4th.

The teams running for governor and lieutenant governor have now made their final pitch to voters on KVZK TV.

Togiola Tulafono emphasized his achievements, and asked for another term.

"When we walked Ofu recently, a young working mother said to Mary, we prefer the pristine manu'a to be left alone. That's the truth, so tonight, my fellow American Samoans, I ask you, to ask yourself, if we aren't better off today than we were four years ago, I say to you, without reservation, that your government is in good order."

Mr Tulafono says people are living well and happy, and looking forward to a better future.