4 Nov 2008

Fiji people worn down says former Law Society President

5:36 pm on 4 November 2008

A former Fiji Law Society President, Graham Leung, believes many people in Fiji are too worn down to speak out against the interim regime.

Mr Leung has been criticised by the interim Prime Minister for making remarks about a climate of apprehension in Fiji during a panel discussion in Australia.

Mr Leung said he would repeat his comments in Fiji if a public forum was arranged where similar discussions could take place.

He says many people still object to the military ousting of an elected government, but the coup culture has left them lacking motivation:

"A lot of people in the population are genuinely battle weary, and this the fourth coup. There is a large element of fatigue, there's an large element that can't be bothered, that think I've got to put bread and butter on the table and some segments of population think what is the point of it all, they are going to do what they want to do anyway."

Mr Leung says another factor in the lack of opposition voices is that Fiji does not have a culture of protest, unlike other countries, where thousand of civilians take to the streets to voice their concerns.