5 Nov 2008

Fiji's Consumer Council says electricity authority needs to be regulated

11:10 am on 5 November 2008

Fiji's Consumer Council says that the state needs to regulate Fiji's Electricity Authority and introduce competition in the sector.

The Council's CEO, Premila Kumar, says Fiji has no national energy policy in place which has contributed to the FEA's ability to continue to self-regulate and treat consumers badly.

Ms Kumar says the number of complaints they've received from consumers over questionable bill payments, unexplained disconnection's and bad customer service shows there's a major problem with how the electricity authority operates.

"FEA has been providing very poor service to the consumers and this is not the first year that we are complaining. And the main problem here is that FEA is the regulator, the distributor, the energy generator - they've got various roles and because they are self-regulating themselves, it's not working."

Premila Kumar says because the FEA has a monopoly in the sector consumers don't have any other choice in a power provider.