5 Nov 2008

Turnout has been low this morning in American Samoa for general election

11:24 am on 5 November 2008

Turnout has been low this morning in American Samoa, where voters have been going to the polls in a general election.

As our correspondent, Monica Miller, reports turn out is expected to be higher later in the day.

"It's towards the afternoon, after lunchtime and when school is out. One of the bigger voter blocs is the teachers, the public school teachers will be turning out to vote later on around 3 o'clock."

Voters are also being asked whether they want to amend the American Samoa constitution.

If approved, the legislature can override the governor's vote rather than the secretary of the interior.

If approved it will go the US Congress.

Our correspondent Fili Sagapolutele says the issue has hardly been noticed.

There has not been a lot of explanation provided by lawmakers or the territorial legislature. There has only been two public forums or public hearings held in the last two months about this issue, where lawmakers explained the specific and importance of the referendum.