6 Nov 2008

Rehousing 100,000 Fiji squatters achievable in five years, according to local government

4:21 pm on 6 November 2008

The Fiji Local Government Association says it's aiming to rehouse the country's one hundred thousand squatters within five years.

The comment precedes a meeting between the association, Fiji's 12 municipal councils and other agencies to discuss what are described as informal settlements, on the 18th of this month.

The association's secretary, Azmat Khan, says these settlements will be regularised through subdivision and affordable housing.

"In this meeting we propose to go ahead with actual development of the sites, to regularise the squatters or alternatively to provide residential sites which could be more attractive and which could be offered at affordable size so that some of the people living in the informal settlements could be relocated in those areas."

Azmat Khan says it's hoped that NZAid will provide seed money for the project and technical expertise for the construction work.