6 Nov 2008

Fiji Joint Working Group reconvenes after five month hiatus

8:05 pm on 6 November 2008

The chairperson of the Pacific Islands Forum/Fiji Joint Working Group, says they are continuing to work towards Fiji holding elections by next March.

The Joint Working Group met for the first time today after being suspended following a boycott by Fiji's interim Government in June.

The Group had been set up last year to try and assist Fiji to hold elections as the interim government had promised.

The interim Government has called for the Group's terms of reference to be changed but the chairperson, Papua New Guinea's High Commissioner to Fiji, Peter Eafeare, says there is no question of changing the election timeline.

"The Forum decision is very clear. That elections must be held by March 2009, . Now that is the discussion that is also currently underway but we as the Joint Working Group have the mandate from our leaders which was reiterated following the 2007 decision, and 2008 in Niue, that March 09 is the date that the Forum recognises."

Peter Eafeare