7 Nov 2008

French court throws out challenges to French Polynesian senate election

1:23 pm on 7 November 2008

The French constitutional council has rejected all challenges to the re-election of Gaston Flosse as French Polynesia's member of the French senate.

Several complaints had been lodged about the outcome of the September election which saw Mr Flosse win another term while Richard Tuheiava was elected for the first time under a revised system that now gives French Polynesia two Senate seats.

Among those to complain were the losing candidates, Beatrice Vernaudon and Gaston Tong Sang, who is the French Polynesian president.

The two reportedly objected to the way the vote was organised and took exception at a speech Mr Flosse gave in the assembly before the vote.

The senators' election was done by a college of selected voters made up of assembly members, mayors and municipal council members.