7 Nov 2008

Guam senator says results reflects US polls

4:14 pm on 7 November 2008

Guam's speaker, Democrat Senator Judith Won Pat, says the local election results reflected the change that took place in the United States.

The Democratic Party in Guam has retained control of the legislature, winning a 10 to 5 majority, giving it a super majority and the ability to override a veto by the Governor, Felix Camacho.

Senator Won Pat says she hopes he party will not abuse that majority, and pass legislations to improve Guam.

She says the downturn in the economy is one factor in the Democrats' support.

"Past legislations that the Republicans have pushed for, have caused some problems, with certain departments and agencies, so people just felt that they too, the same as nationally, the need to not so much to change, but more to gove a stronger support towards the Democrats."

Guam Democrat senator Judith Won Pat.