10 Nov 2008

West Papuan refugee group in PNG claims Indonesia is hunting them

7:37 am on 10 November 2008

A group of West Papuan refugees in Papua New Guinea say they are being persecuted by Indonesian agents in PNG.

The group of 148 refugees, which has links to the Free Papua Movement or OPM in Indonesia's Papua province, has been calling for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, or UNHCR, to resettle them in a third country.

However the UNHCR says these refugees do not fit their criteria for resettlement..

But the group has been evicted from a series of public areas, since being forced to leave PNG's 8-mile refugee zone a year ago.

A spokesman for the group, Sam Inggamer says they have no place to go in PNG.

"We are being hunted by Indonesian government. Indonesian government has penetrated our settlement with no proper protocol arrangement. And when they come in, they were not only ordinary people, they were national intelligence of Indonesia, and military, coming to our settlement and asking names of former political prisoners and former combatants of OPM."

Sam Inggamer