10 Nov 2008

Swiss alone on remote Tongan island attracting a lot of interest

8:10 pm on 10 November 2008

Tonga's tourism ministry says an adventure by a Swiss champion snowboarder on Tofua Island will draw a lot of attention to the kingdom.

Xavier Rosset arrived on Tofua Island in September with only a machete, a swiss knife, a first aid kit and a satellite device and aims to survive there, on his own, for ten months.

He's challenging the modern way of life, and is posting his experience on his website and is making a documentary.

The ministry's marketing officer, Sandra Fifita, says it's supportive of the exercise.

"We do have a lot of people just interested in seeing Tofua. It's not easy, there's no direct flight. With this exposure, what Xavier's done, he's on Facebook he has a blog, we've seen a lot of responses in regards to that, which will certainly draw a lot of interest and awareness to Tonga as a destination."

Sandra Fifita, the Tonga tourism ministry's marketing officer.