11 Nov 2008

Solomon Islands USP plans held up by land dispute

8:49 pm on 11 November 2008

Plans to establish a campus for the University of the South Pacific in Solomon Islands are being held up by a land dispute.

The Solomon Islands government says it's met resistance from the College of Higher Education, which seems unwilling to give up its land for the campus.

The government is providing almost 700,000 US dollars of its development budget to go towards setting up the campus.

The permanent secretary of education, Mylyn Kuve, says the government is yet to finalise the transfer of land for the campus to the USP and it has met some resistance from the College of Higher Education.

"The land is part of the Solomon Islands College of Higher Education and the past council has approved this portion of land to be given for the fourth campus development. But that has yet to be legalised by the Solomon Islands College of Higher Education...actually the college has documentation to prove that they own this land even though we were advised by the commissioner of lands that it is still government land."

Mylyn Kuve says some of the resistance has come from the college wanting to upgrade and expand its facilities.