12 Nov 2008

Lobby group in Samoa pleased with turnont for march

11:42 am on 12 November 2008

The lobby group, People Against Switching Sides, or PASS, says it is pleased people took time out of work yesterday to support a march to present a petition to the US embassy to free Hans Joachim Keil.

The associate minister is being held in the U.S. under strict bail conditions as a result of two immigration charges against him relating to his holding of a American passport.

Mr Keil was one of the ruling party MPs who did not endorse the government's controversial Road Transport legislation, and PASS helped to organise the march.

PASS member Georgina Newton says many others showed up - from young and old to business people, volunteer groups and family members - in support.

"They believe that whatever reason they have for holding Joe Keil is wrong and he should be freed and allowed to return to Samoa."

Georgina Newton of PASS.