13 Nov 2008

Compensation sought over Ballu Khan's Fiji detention

2:49 pm on 13 November 2008

The lawyer for Ballu Khan, who had been charged with conspiracy to kill Fiji's interim Prime Minister, expects compensation proceedings to go ahead next year.

Mr Khan was hospitalised after the beating he received last November when he was arrested by the police and military.

Fiji's high court struck out all the charges against the New Zealand businessman yesterday.

Peter Williams QC says a a claim for damages was issued several months ago.

"We've issued a writ, for substantial damages both for compensatory damages, and also for exemplary damages which are damages designed to punish the people who have done the wrongs, and also to deter them from ever doing it again to anyone else."

Peter Williams says an appeal of the decision will depend on the office of the public prosecutor, but he is confident he has a strong case.