21 Nov 2008

Tongan squash exports to Japan and South Korea good

11:09 am on 21 November 2008

Tongan squash exports shipped a total of 2,200 tonnes of Squash to Japan and South Korea this year.

Nishi Trading Company Ltd., the biggest of the five squash export companies, exported 1,130 tonnes.

Minolu Nishi, the managing director of Nishi Trading said that at the end of the squash season in October his company had exported 850 tonnes to Japan and 280 tonnes to South Korea.

The rest of Tonga's total squash exports of 1,070 was shared by the four other squash exporters, Axis Company, Kabocha Export, Touliki Trading and Mark Shipping.

Mr Minolu told Matangi Tonga online that the yield this year was good.