24 Nov 2008

Samoa Victim Support Group disappointed campaigner went straight to the media

10:31 am on 24 November 2008

The Samoa Victim Support Group or SVSG says it's disappointed a children's rights campaigner in the country did not approach them about an article in a local paper before going to the media.

A story in the Samoa Observer, quotes SVSG spokesperson Maseo Iosefa Tautua saying they are not allowing the runaway boy to return to his family, even though his family has turned up to take him.

Campaigner Annie Laumea told Talamua online that the SVSG violated the rights of a 10-year old child in its care by allowing the article to be published in the Samoa Observer.

The story was accompanied by a photo of the 10 year old.

However Maseo says permission for the use of the photo was sought, and he says there were mistakes in the article and he has spoken to the paper about the issue.

He also says Annie Laumea should have approached his group about her concerns, instead of going to the media first.

"Based on what they got from the Observer, which is a secondary news, none of them came here, even Laumea didn't come here, but they just put that article on the paper without seeking our part of the story."

Maseo Iosefa Tautua.