24 Nov 2008

American Samoa solar energy project finalised

11:18 am on 24 November 2008

A data-sharing agreement between the American Samoa Power Authority and a private school has been finalised, laying the groundwork for a ten-year solar energy project between the two.

South Pacific Academy students, as part of their solar energy project, will provide data received through solar panels the school plans to install, and operate in January 2009.

In exchange for the data, ASPA has agreed to provide partial funding for the project.

The Solar Energy Project will involve the installation of 12 solar photovoltaic panels and a data acquisition system to monitor the performance of the solar panels.

Currently, there is no data on how well photovoltaic panels perform in American Samoa.

ASPA is currently researching renewable energy systems to determine which systems are best suited for meeting American Samoa's energy needs.