24 Nov 2008

Police in Samoa to launch their own investigation into gun smuggling from American Samoa

5:17 pm on 24 November 2008

Samoa's Police Commissioner, Papali'i Lorenese Neru, is to launch a police investigation into the smuggling of guns from American Samoa last April onboard the police patrol boat, the MV Nafanua.

The delivery of the guns carried by the boat to Papali'i Neru is already the subject of a Commission of Inquiry.

He revealed his plans for a separate police inquiry to the Commission.

The guns came in a personal effects package given to the crew of the patrol boat by a former American Samoa police captain, Papali'i Marion Fitisemanu, who was recently convicted and fined for possession of an unlawful weapon.

Papali'i Neru has told the Inquiry that the delivery of the package to him was a set-up and he had had nothing to do with it.

He has also denied family links with the former American Samoa captain, despite him also carrying the Papali'i matai title.