27 Nov 2008

French Polynesian schools to reopen after 15-day strike

6:46 pm on 27 November 2008

French Polynesia's schools will return to normal tomorrow after the end of a 15-day public sector strike.

The teachers' union was among the last six unions to agree to go back to work after their strike failed to defer reforms of the French pension system for those retiring overseas.

The blockade outside the French high commission in Papeete has also been lifted and the thousands of containers held up in the port are being shipped to their destinations.

Although the legislature in Paris approved the pension cuts, the unions have said they will test the legality of the changes in the French supreme court.

Meanwhile, the French Polynesian assembly leaders have sent a joint letter to the French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, asking for a suspension of the reform for a year.

They have also asked for an audience with Mr Sarkozy to make their case.