1 Dec 2008

EU funding for Pacific to triple for the next five years

6:12 am on 1 December 2008

European Union development funding for the Pacific will increase for the next five years, in part due to the 'good performance' of the region.

The funding for the Pacific will increase by about 140 percent in the new five-year EU funding cycle, 2009-2013, going from 50.7 million US dollars during the last five-year period to 123.5 million.

Annick Villarosa, from the delegation of the European Commission for the Pacific, based in Suva, says countries individual funding only slightly increased, but the regional package has tripled.

She says, in setting the budget, officials look at the capacity of the region to utilize the aid.

"We are looking at new demands and new potential and when analysing all these parameters, it seemed obvious to us that the Pacific region in particular will have this capacity to manage a much bigger envelope in the past."