1 Dec 2008

Fiji elections official believes the right electoral system may end coup culture

4:16 pm on 1 December 2008

Fiji's new Supervisor of Elections says she believes the right electoral system can help end Fiji's so-called coup culture.

Felicity Heffernan has told Fijilive that she believes that a lot of the conflict in the past stemmed from voter registration.

She says this may have led to coups or some of the stresses that could have led to coups.

Ms Heffernan says the elections office is looking at Electronic Voter Registration.

She says a study across all Government ministries is looking at how to register people that will lead to fewer complaints.

Fiji has had four coups in less than 20 years.

The last one was carried out two years ago this week, with no indication from the current regime when people will be allowed to elect their government again.

A demand by the international community for elections by March has been dismissed.