1 Dec 2008

Pacific NGO critical of Fiji military spending at expense of basic needs

8:14 pm on 1 December 2008

The Suva based Pacifc Concerns Resource Centre, says a 27-million US dollar investment in Fiji's military is an extreme waste of financial resources that could be better diverted towards meeting people's basic needs.

The Military has defended itself against accusations of overspending, after a budget which one commentator called evil, and laced with deceit.

The centre's director, Tupou Vere, says it is ironic that while the military increased its budget, there was no funding given to the electoral commission to go towards elections.

"The same principles of good governenance and transparency which it has been claiming to promote, or they've been using as the reason for taking over and deposing an elected government, this budget is far from it, it's not in line with the principles of good governance."

Tupou Vere.

The military has hit back, saying in a statement, there is a lack of understanding of the important function of the military in the national development.