5 Dec 2008

Fish meeting in Korea wants to look at how to track activities of big factory ships

11:51 am on 5 December 2008

A meeting of the Western and Central Pacific Fisheries Commission in South Korea in the coming week will try to get agreement on reducing some catches.

The Commissions scientists are recommending a cut of 30 per cent in the catch of big eye and yellowfin.

The executive director of the commission, Andrew Wright, says they also want to be able to track the activities of the big factory ships.

"Some of the tuna fishing vessels don't return to port to unload catch they actually do it at sea and although in the Western central Pacific, it's called transshipment, we encourage transshipment to take place in ports, there are instances where it does take place at sea and so there is a strong move this year to develop a regulation ...that will provide for the verification of transshipment data."

The international conservation group, Greenpeace, wants all fishing in the region to be reduced by half.