5 Dec 2008

PNG police prosecutions hampered by lack of resources

4:23 pm on 5 December 2008

Papua New Guinea's Police Commissioner says a lack of resources and funding as well as a lack of professionalism from police detectives continues to hamper prosecutions.

Nearly 19,000 outstanding cases from last year are reportedly still pending, and as of September, 14,000 cases were yet to be completed this year.

However Gary Baki says with the current funding, police can only hope to prosecute 50 cases successfully per year at best.

Additionally, the Criminal Investigation Division can only investigate 13 serious crimes a year.

Mr Baki says a lack of funding, availability of and reliability of witnesses, lack of training and resource limitations are just some of the set backs.

"It would be nice to see that what is outstanding for 2007 or 2008 is properly carried through. Some of those setbacks, it's either from the police or from the courts in where they don't have the capacity to take on board the number of cases that have been presented through ."

Gary Baki