5 Dec 2008

Two years after Fiji coup, movement launched to push for return to democracy

4:26 pm on 5 December 2008

A new organisation pushing for the restoration of democracy in Fiji has been launched in Suva today

The new grouping, called the Movement for Democracy, includes key NGOs and political parties, such as the former ruling party, the SDL, and the National Federation Party.

Peter Emberson, from the Pacific Concerns Resource Centre, says they will press for the restoration of parliamentary democracy, respect for the core principles of the rule of law and promote respect for human rights.

"I think it is a realisation that in order to achieve greater results or more effective results, a more concerted effort needs to be done. People are willing to come to the table and with these core objectives, we are willing to move on these overarching goals and visions that we have set out in this movement."

Peter Emberson.