8 Dec 2008

CNMI schools to lose teachers, students under federalization

11:29 am on 8 December 2008

There are concerns in the Northern Marianas that the new federal immigration laws could lead to schools within the CNMI noticing a decrease in students and teachers.

There are already signs in the territory that the Northern Marianas tourism industry and local business will be affected by the move.

Next June, the transition period will begin, limiting the number of contract workers in the CNMI.

Non-U.S. resident students and contract teachers and staff within the Public School System and private schools could be affected.

Students who are U.S. residents but have foreign national parents could also be affected.

The principal of one school says it's obvious schools will be affected.

Faith Dela Rosa says more than 60 percent of the school's staff members are contract workers.

She says also says hiring U.S.-qualified teachers has always been a struggle.

Meanwhile, the Public School System also has problems hiring mainland teachers.

At least 460 of the 10,369 students enrolled in the Public School System this year could be affected because they are not U.S citizens.