8 Dec 2008

Efforts to prevent tuna overfishing get underwayin South Korea

11:28 am on 8 December 2008

Renewed efforts are underway to prevent some tuna stocks in the Central and Western Pacific being over fished.

Members of the Tuna Commission, which looks after that section of the Pacific, start trying to find agreement at a meeting which opens in South Korea today.

From the port of Busan, Philippa Tolley reports:

"The Commission's scientists are recommending that catches of Big eye and yellow fin tuna in this part of the pacific be reduced by 30 per over the next three years."

These two species are the high grade tuna from the Central and Western pacific that are used in sushi and sashimi...both raw fish dishes.

Efforts to reduce catch have been going on for several years, but amid criticism that such fishery management commissions fail to achieve their goals, the Executive Director of the Western and Pacific Commission, Andrew Wright, says there is an urgent need to find agreement and not appear what he called a basket case

But members of the organisation have to find agreement through consensus and disagreement with some of the Asian fishing nations over how reductions should be achieved has sunk previous attempts to ensure the fish stocks remain viable.

From busan, this is pt