8 Dec 2008

Pacific nations present case for reduced tuna catches

11:27 am on 8 December 2008

Pacific Island nations and territories are presenting their case at a meeting in South Korea for efforts to reduce the catch of Big eye and Yellow fin tuna in the Central and Western Pacific in order to preserve the fishery.

They are gathering with those global fishing nations such as China, Japan, South Korea and the US and representatives of the EU for the fifth meeting of what's known as the Tuna commission

The Deputy Director of the regional Forum Fisheries Agency, Transform Aqorau, says the body provides support for the island nations to present their case against heavyweight world players.

But he says the contribution from the island nations has been huge.

"None of the member fishing states experienced this kind of pro active grouping in other within the Commission in other tuna commissions. In other tuna commissions they are just used to other conservations measures for them is just like belt tightening, so the pain for them is not because they don't have a lot of coastal states who are also members of the commission, so (yeah) I think FFA members should be able to feel a great deal of pride about what they've achieved through this commission so far."