8 Dec 2008

Fiji Government says it hopes to effect job cuts through natural attrition

8:10 pm on 8 December 2008

Fiji's public sector unions are calling for a compensation package for public servants who are expected to lose their jobs next year.

The 1300 jobs being scrapped are part of the interim government's plan to reduce the sector's size by ten percent to save money.

The public service commissions says it plans to re-deploy staff to other departments and freeze vacant positions, but layoffs are possible.

The spokesperson for the confederation of public sector unions Agni Deo Singh says it hasn't had consultations with the interim government.

"What we're concerned about is the lack of consultation with the unions, if there's a need to reduce numbers then there should be a compensation provision, which should be discussed with the union and negotiated an agreement. Nothing of that nature seems to be on the mind of the authorities concerned."

Agni Deo Singh says there's already a shortage of teachers and nurses, and much needed vacancies haven't been filled.

The Public Service Association has confirmed that no meetings took place.