10 Dec 2008

French Polynesia opposition open to dialogue if government drops budget

1:57 pm on 10 December 2008

French Polynesia's opposition coalition says any talk of a broader political arrangement depends on the government revisiting the 2009 budget which is being debated.

The opposition laid this out in a statement after calls for a roundtable discussion following this week's collapse of the government's slim majority.

An assembly member, Sandra Levy-Agami, quit the ruling To Tatou Aia camp amid disagreement over the budget, thereby eliminating the group's one-member majority in the assembly.

But in a statement, the opposition has questioned President Gaston Tong Sang's stance on openness as his policy has been on getting politicians to defect to his side.

It says the political instability is all the work of his coalition which cannot even agree on a budget.