11 Dec 2008

Fiji football says it's not fair its player could not play because of military connections

11:26 am on 11 December 2008

The Fiji Football Association says it's "grossly unfair" for one of its prime under-20 players to be dumped from its Oceania World Cup play-offs team because of his military connections.

Jone Nailogo has been dropped after being refused a transit visa by the New Zealand Immigration because his father serves as a military officer for the Fijian Army.

The New Zealand department disallows persons with connections to the military to receive a transit permit following the 2006 Fiji government take over.

Dr Sahu Kahn, president of the Association says visa officials need to consider changing their regulations.

"I do not at all agree with the New Zealand government that they want to bring this kind of politics in sports. I mean we're very grateful to them for allowing us a temporary visa for the other players but to penalise this young man is unfortunately very unfortunate indeed."

President of the football Association, Dr Sahu Kahn.

The Oceania World Cup gets underway in Tahiti next week.