17 Dec 2008

New French bid to pass overseas pension reform

2:36 pm on 17 December 2008

The French government is relaunching its effort to curb pensions from next year for those retiring in France's overseas territories.

The move has already been denounced by the French Polynesian opposition which had failed in its bid last month to stop the reform.

However, a complaint by the French opposition Socialists was upheld by the constitutional court in Paris which last week threw out the legislation for violating provisions dating back to 1946.

The revised reform package is back in the legislature, with French Polynesia's Gaston Flosse saying this coincides with the overseas lawmakers being away for the holiday season.

Mr Flosse has already warned that he is considering taking the matter to the constitutional court.

He supported the Socialists' cause but the court had ruled that his submission was unacceptable.