19 Dec 2008

Guam's recycling industry is calling for government assistance

9:52 am on 19 December 2008

Guam's recycling industry is calling on the government to provide assistance as the industry sees a major downturn in business.

The three recycling companies on Guam say the government and community need to find a way to make scrap metal, cardboard and aluminum cans profitable.

George Flores, general manager of Pyramid Recycling, says the recycling industry has bottomed out because commodities are just not valuable to anyone anymore.

Mr Flores says his company is regrettably turning away residents with scrap metal to sell.

Guam's scrap metal is sold to Asia and David Bell of Balli Steel says local recyclers must have a more profitable market to counteract shipping costs.

He says the plunging value of recyclables may kill the local industry without some sort of aid from the government.