19 Dec 2008

American Samoa's Chamber of Commerce supports Governor's move

10:04 am on 19 December 2008

Businesses have welcomed the American Samoa Governor's order to ban the importation and use of products made in China with excessive lead levels

Governor Togiola Tulafono says all products from China listed by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission as being recalled are now banned.

The president of American Samoa's Chamber of Commerce David Robinson says Chamber members support the move, saying it's become impossible to monitor the quality of a deluge of China made goods being sold in the territory.

"This whole question of Chinese made goods, both toys and other items like that and also foodstuffs and drinks and other items like that has been getting lots of attention - not only here but worldwide. There's no doubt that the Chinese have been cutting corners in the production of their goods both for recreational use and also for consumption and I think this move by the Governor is a good one."

American Samoa's Chamber of Commerce, David Robinson.