19 Dec 2008

Solomon Islands govt promises to fix water problems plaguing capital

9:54 am on 19 December 2008

The Solomon Islands government is promising to fix the water problems plaguing the capital, Honiara.

Some parts of Honiara have had no running water in their homes for more than a year as a direct result of the electrical problems experienced in the township.

The Minister for Mines and Energy, Edward Hunuehu, told Parliament how the government will fix the problem.

"The aim of this project is to implement the existing situation and improve the supply of water to Honiara township. This project also intends to look at improving the structure and help improve ways in which the system can be managed probably."

The main water source has been plagued by problems with landowners and it not having a stand by generator to pump water.

Under this project Mr Hunuehu says government intends to get a second standby generator and provide 16 bore holes on the edges of the city.