23 Dec 2008

Court rules in squatters favour as police plan more destruction at Port Moresby settlement

2:44 pm on 23 December 2008

Squatters at the Tete settlement in Port Moresby have obtained court orders from the National Court restraining police from causing further destruction to their properties.

The National newspaper reports that the National Capital District metropolitan commander, Superintendent Fred Yakasa, was named as first defendant, Police Commissioner Gari Baki second defendant and the Government third.

The settlers lawyer, Camillus Narokobi, told Justice David Cannings that the settlers had complied with an ultimatum given by police to hand over the suspects within 24 hours.

But he says no notice was given to evict the settlers and many people did not have time to find alternative accomodation.

Those who sought the orders from the court were identified as the residents of block four, the last remaining area of the settlement yet to be bulldozed.

Mr Narokobi said the application was basically to restrain police from causing further destruction to block four and also to stop them from threatening the settlers.