23 Dec 2008

NGO hopes Solomons Anti-Corruption Commission will be independent

8:28 pm on 23 December 2008

Transparency International in Solomon Islands has welcomed government steps to set up a independent anti-corruption commission.

Corruption is a big problem in the country and the government is trying to wipe it out by setting up such a commission.

The plan is in its early stages and the government expects it'll be presented in parliament at the end of next year.

The chair of TI Solomon Islands, Bob Pollard, says there are some hurdles that need to be overcome first.

"It'll have to go through Parliament and one of the challenges for us is that many Members of Parliament might feel very threatened by an ICAC, but they shouldn't do. We do need to draw a line in the sand and our leaders have to commit themselves to processes that move beyond words."

Bob Pollard says the commision would need to meet a number of criteria, such as being well funded and truly independent.