24 Dec 2008

Council of Women in Solomons says new commission needs to meet cultural customs

10:05 am on 24 December 2008

The National Council of Women in Solomon Islands says an independent anti corruption commission will need to meet the country's cultural customs.

Corruption is a big problem in the Solomons and found on many levels.

The government plans to set up an independent anti corruption commission, which is expected to be presented in Parliament late next year.

The organisation's women in leadership head, Sarah Dyer, supports the initiative, but says it will need to meet the country's unique needs.

"Solomon Islands being a Melanesian society, we have this Wantok system, the sharing and giving of things, whether it be money or goods, and people will really need to define what's corruption and what's not, because we have this Wantok system."

Sarah Dyer says it will also need to make sure that such a commission is truly independent.