24 Dec 2008

Niue MP says country will need to implement human rights standards

10:06 am on 24 December 2008

A Niue MP, Terry Coe, says the country will need to implement human rights standards for all immigrants planning to live on the island.

A group of Indians taken to the island more than two years ago with the promise of jobs and possibly land, ended up living in squalid conditions when the offers did not materialise.

Nine of the Punjabi men were last week flown back to India, with the New Zealand Government paying their fares because the Niue Government could not afford to do so.

Terry Coe says Niue has signed the United Nations human rights convention and there are areas the island needs to look at.

"We don't have any legislation, but it's probably necessary if you sign the UN document then you become part of that document. And that keeps one standard throughout the world on human rights, which we should abide by."

Niue MP,Terry Coe.

The Niue Premier, Toke Talagi, has said there will be much greater scrutiny of any similar groups coming in, in future.