30 Dec 2008

Cook Islands Minister says Government needs to give more backing to private enterprise

4:26 pm on 30 December 2008

The Cook Islands Foreign Minister, Wilkie Rasmussen, says the government needs to do more to support the economy.

He's called for both the Prime Minister, and the Deputy Prime Minster to step down, saying the government is under performing.

Mr Rasmussen says the focus has to be on increasing revenue generation and he points to greater backing of private enterprise:

"I see the government, the current government, becoming more directly controlling, more directly involving itself in the activities of business and I don't think we should even go down that line. All I'm doing I'm just thinking of the basics. The basic principle is the government should not engage in busines and run that business. It should facilitate the growth of that business."

The Cook Islands Foreign Minister, Wilkie Rasmussen