5 Jan 2009

Togiola Faoa administration sworn in in American Samoa

10:43 am on 5 January 2009

American Samoa's Governor, Togiola Tulafono, and Lieutenant Governor, Faoa Ipulasi Sunia, yesterday placed their hands on the bible and swore to uphold the laws of American Samoa and the United States.

The Chief Justice, Michael Kruse, administered the oath of office and the wives of the two leaders, Maryanne Tulafono and Elisapeta Sunia held the Bibles which their husbands swore on.

This is the second and final term for the Togiola Faoa administration.

Local law prohibits a governor from serving more than two consecutive terms.

Togiola is the longest serving governor in the history of American Samoa.

The death of then governor Tauese Sunia in 2003 propelled him to the chief executive's seat.

Faoa, the younger brother of the late governor Tauese was became lieutenant governor when Togiola had to move to the top seat of government.

Faoa has been charged by the US Government with fraud, bribery and conspiracy and will go on trial in June.