6 Jan 2009

New Zealand foreign minister discusses bilateral issues with Niue

1:48 pm on 6 January 2009

New Zealand's Foreign Minister, Murray McCully, is flying to Niue today to discuss how this country's assistance can best be spent.

Niue's premier, Toke Talagi, who came to power last June, has been strongly critical of the performance of New Zealand officials whom he accuses of hampering the political will of the island's government.

Mr McCully says he wants to hear Mr Talagi's thoughts first hand:

"The prudent thing for me to do is approach this as one should on a first trip, go and become familiarised as far as that is possible on the basis of a couple of days, go and talk to the people and see what opportunities we've got to move things in a positive direction."

New Zealand's Foreign Minister, Murray McCully