6 Jan 2009

CNMI mayor urges curbs on poker machines

3:58 pm on 6 January 2009

In the Northern Marianas, the Mayor of Saipan is pushing for the phasing out of poker arcades from local villages and urging legislators to enact a law that would forcibly move the machines away from the general population.

Mayor Juan Tudela says a centralised system, keeping all poker arcades within a designated area, would minimise so called poker-related crimes.

He says he is optimistic that all the poker arcades will be relocated by June.

Mr Tudela says the number of poker arcades has increased so much that you can see them anywhere, which he says is contrary to the initial purpose of limiting it to several outlets.

He says he is in full support to relocate all poker machines and other forms of gambling machines from the villages on Saipan to a more remote and safer location.